4 Reasons To Fish The High Country As Early As Possible

     The season is almost upon us, if the headline caught your attention, you know the season I refer too. The time when the snow begins to melt out of the high country.  While the access might be questionable at best and the weather can make it dangerous if you are not prepared, the rewards for new fisherman are enough to keep them on the hook for a lifetime.



  • Access Is Limited So Will Be The People

     While the access and egress to remote locations held in the Great Divide region can be dangerous if not prepared, this also means that the people looking to take their entire families fishing, hiking and camping like it’s the 4th of July haven’t even put in for the time off work yet. With the focus still on school sports and graduations this leaves those great wide open spaces even more open for solitude. My last early season trip was met with not one soul except for my roommate and my trusty tag along dog. He goes everywhere.  

  • The Fishing Is Easy So New Anglers Will Be Met With Success Easily

6    With a world full of social distractions, you’re on one, it seems that less and less young men and women are taking up the sport of fishing. While the interweb is full of how-to’s and what flies to use and what hatches when, it seems there is not a lot info on how to get started. I am not of the belief that fly fishing is the only way to truly fish the high country lakes and streams, if we can meet new anglers with success early on in their fishing career more of them will naturally progress towards fly fishing and become more successful in the long run. So grab a handful of whatever spinner you fancy of assorted sizes and brands, grab and ultralight rod and reel and get fishing.  An entry level rod reel and enough tackle to last the weekend can easily be had for about 100 bucks. Try doing that with flies, rod, reel, line and other necessities and see how your pocket book feels. Not to mention give someone who has no idea how to cast a fly rod and see how many fish they catch in the often tight casting locations that abound in the high country.

  • Late Spring And Early Summer Are The Best Times To Fish Remote Lake

     Early in the year the streams will run pretty high with snow melt making them harder to fish than later in the season.4 The good news is that the alpine lakes with have a great supply of fresh cold water and food that make the trout in these lakes much more aggressive and active than later in the season. So if your first trip for the year after high country trout is early in the season while some snow is still in the higher elevations, leave the streams be for the time being and hit the lakes. The fish will be larger easier to catch and make for a great feast once back at camp. Just make sure to pack a little salt and lemon pepper!

  • The Scenery Will Be At Its Peak

There is no doubt that the high countries scenery is at it pinnacle during the first part of the season. With the ample water it makes the green scenery greener and with cooler weather than with that found later in the season the mosquitoes haven’t quite hatched yet 3allowing you to concentrate on the scenery and the phenomenal fishing that goes with it. So as soon as the weather turns, get out there. Enjoy what awaits in Great Divide. 



It is very important to ensure that you are prepared for whatever adventure awaits you. The high country streams can be very dangerous running high with snow run off. Do not wade in streams. Be sure to check with local ranger stations for any permits needed, for access information, and follow all game and fish regulations. Have fun.



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